Further Strategies provides consulting services to accelerating change in the mobility space, including making biking, walking and transit work better, and sending appropriate signals for driving through parking reform, car free zones and roadway pricing strategies. We can also help cities and organizations understand emerging tech and prepare for new mobility options.

We help agencies and organizations explore issues, understand dynamics and develop policy and program approaches. Progress requires buy-in from elected officials, professional staff and the community. We're experts in building support and ensuring that everyone in the community benefits. Our services are customized for the needs of the client, but roughly include:

  • Strategies to improve biking, walking and transit
  • Integrating new mobility options
  • Government relations and policy development
  • Public presentations and workshops
  • Building strategic and funding partnerships
  • Creating learning communities
  • Inspiring and empowering leaders
  • Understanding and catalyzing change

Led by Martha Roskowski, with a bench of subject matter experts on-call, we will help develop strategies and action plans with measurable objectives. We can help troubleshoot on tricky issues.

We build processes that engage people to achieve measurable outcomes. We will organize workshops and study tours to inspire and equip leaders to tackle today’s mobility issues and prepare for tomorrow’s. We help committed leaders plot a course forward. Martha combines data and stories for effective presentations on today’s changing mobility landscape.